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Conciousness Awareness


                 & Numerologist

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        Energy Healer



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High Vibe Wellness Expo Coffs Harbour NSW Australia
May 04, 2019, 10:00 AM GMT+10 – May 05, 2019, 3:00 PM GMT+10
36 Moonee St, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450, Australia


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I AM...

Monique has had a definitive purpose this embodiment, a life of continual traumatic events, extreme spiritual, multidimensional & galactic experiences running parallel with what was perceived by society as normal. Knowing from early youth that she was here for more than anyone wanted to discuss, 2012 was a welcoming relief & the energies for ascension.

Monique is the eldest of a generation of cousins, both her Paternal grandparents are mixed English & Indigenous Original People, The Wiradjuri Tribe from NSW Australia, and a lost tribe from Northern Tasmania. Monique has spiritually been keeper of the Ancestral Healing Codes along with a deep reverence & connection with Divinity, Earth, Nature & Cosmos, all that is...

Another influence, essence of Mons Soul is her connection to India & its peoples. Many times this incarnation Monique has been led to travel through most States of India synchronicity leading her to a Sacred Place deep in the desert. Ajanta Ellora Caves were unearthed in the 50s, covered in scrub they held the prayers and intentions of 3 different spiritual dynasties. This is where Monique in 2008 was led, to make the long journey to the caves twice. Remembering and joining the dots to "other" time/space experiences & knowing enlightenment was/is already encoded in her Souls Matrix, the remembered gifts of disciplined meditation & yoga are now reintegrated, this has benefited in raising her frequency & holding Light. 

As an Astrology & Numerology student for over 30 years, these tools have been imperative for Monique in understanding & quantifying energy & being in tune with 11:11 & the  Harmonic Convergence in the late 80s. A Solo Traveller &  Spiritual Seeker until the "Great Awakening" of the 21st Century Monique has been guided through surrendering & dissolving the ego to construct " The High Vibe Life ", her New Earth.

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